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About Us

Dripping Springs Pet Hospital is a labor of love, a vision realized by Dr. Livesay in 2019 after acquiring the Graham Veterinary- an establishment with over four decades of history. When Dr. Graham hung up his coat, we were given an opportunity to continue the hospital’s legacy of providing top-tier vet services in a compassionate and caring environment. Dr. Livesay, committed to the health and wellness of your pets, has since invested in the extensive remodeling of our facility and the acquisition of the latest veterinary equipment. We aim to provide cutting-edge, high-quality veterinary care for all.

Our History

When Dr. Livesay took over in 2019, the hospital underwent a significant transformation. She revived the long-established practice and instilled it with a fresh burst of energy and modernity. Updates and remodels were conducted to ensure a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for our patients, while advanced equipment was brought in to enhance our ability to diagnose and treat with precision.

Today, we proudly operate as Dripping Springs Pet Hospital, the same trusted provider with a renewed spirit and the enhanced ability to serve our community better.